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Services provided

Apart from supplying coded carkeys and locks, we provide a number of other services which can be requested here. These services complement the full range of products offered by Car Lock Systems. The price of each service is revealed when a service is selected.




COD25 & COD30


Key code analysis (SLA)

Due to our close collaboration with various importers, in the majority of cases, we have exclusive access to key codes belonging to certain VINs. Should a key not appear in the database (e.g. due to the age of the vehicle or because of a previous lock replacement), then we can determine the key code from a photograph. This service can be requested separately or the photo can be uploaded when the key or a lock is ordered. Please ensure that the photo provided of the key bit is sharply focused and is taken against a light background. The key code will then be stored in your order history.


Remote control repair (RH)

A faulty remote control can often be replaced by using a new remote control housing. Should the new housing be unavailable, or if a housing has been glued, we can carry out the required repairs for a fixed price. After requesting this service, please send the part, together with the order number to Car Lock Systems. On receipt of your part, it will be repaired and returned to you on the same day.


Lock repair (RS & RCS)

If a new lock is no longer available, we provide the option to repair your existing lock.


Key code cutting (COD1160) / Coding or decoding of locks (COD25 / COD30)

Do you already have a new or properly working part that needs to be cut (key) or coded (lock)? Then you can request one of these services. You may also take advantage of this service if you wish to claim the part from the importer under a manufacturer's guarantee. The coding costs can usually be claimed as work by third parties. We have similar arrangements in place with a variety of importers. Please contact us with any specific questions.

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