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Remote control housings (shells)

What can go wrong?

Frequent use of the remote control can result in the failure of the buttons or its folding mechanism. The remote may stop working because of a faulty micro switch or printed circuit board (PCB). The only solution in this case, is a completely new key including the PCB.



Car Lock Systems can offer your clients an alternative: timely replacement of the remote control housing. We can provide an alternative replacement for almost any type. The complete range including prices can be found here. Although these parts are not supplied by the OEMs (therefore not provided with a logo), our housings are provided in collaboration with a variety of importers.


Transfer of the PCB and key blade

In the majority of cases, the PCB can be simply transferred to the new housing and provided with the new battery included with your order. The key blade can be removed and re-installed using the special tool. The tool holds the key blade in place, allowing the retaining pin to be removed. You may wish to install a brand-new key blade, which can only benefit the life expectancy of the lock. Some manufacturers have chosen to glue the housings, which makes dismantling more difficult. You may wish to have this work carried out by Car Lock Systems - see "Service Request".


Service box remote control housings

We have put together a service box containing the most commonly used housings, retaining pins and batteries. This box is attractively priced and it will allow you to quickly get your clients moving again. Separate housings (or sets of 4) can be ordered to replenish the box.


Don't forget your range of used cars!

Don't just polish your second-hand stock! A used car is a “new” car for many people. Replace the mats, the number plates and the remote control housing to provide the complete "new car" experience!

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