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Doors, ignition, dashboard, boot and airbag, a car has a variety of locks. Although the number of locks in a car is on the decrease, several standard models are still provided with a lock in the driver’s door and the ignition. There is also a trend to produce even smaller cars that are usually fitted with conventional locks.


Lock malfunctions are often caused by wear, frequent starting (company vehicles), frost/heat and by allowing a heavy bunch of keys to hang from the ignition during use. This places the small pawls in the lock cylinder under a disproportionate load. In any case, in the event of a malfunction, the client requires a new lock and one with the same code as the existing locks and keys. Which is exactly what Car Lock Systems can provide: a lock with a unique code by return of post.



The production department of Car Lock Systems is in many ways similar to a jeweller: they have thousands of small pawls in stock, which need to be placed in the lock cylinder using tweezers. The pawl is determined by the key depths - after the pawls have been positioned and the key is inserted into the lock cylinder, the lock can be turned.

Lock sets

The OEMs of a variety of car makes and often company vehicles, only allow orders for complete lock sets to be placed. Definitely: Ignition lock faulty? Then replace all locks, including the programming of keys. An expense that is difficult to justify with the price conscious client. In almost all cases, Car Lock Systems can supply individual locks, eliminating the need to order a complete set. Occasionally, there are car manufacturers that cannot supply a complete lock set. Should this be required, e.g. following the theft of the car key, then Car Lock Systems stocks a range of complete lock sets.

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