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Key code

Car Lock Systems can provide coded keys for almost all makes of car. Code refers to the mechanical key code that determines the milling and grinding depths observed for the key bit or blade. If the code is unknown and fails to appear in the database of the manufacturer, then the key code can be determined using a photograph.


Transponder key

It has now been compulsory for more than 20 years for car manufacturers to fit transponder systems to new vehicles in an effort to reduce car theft. During that time, the car key has become a sophisticated technical component of the car’s electrical system. The word transponder is derived from the words transmitter and responder. This means that the key (transponder) and vehicle must exchange signals before the vehicle can be started. Are you experiencing problems with the programming of a new key? Please contact our technical helpdesk.

Smart key

Generally speaking we are little impressed with the design of modern keys, however this does appear to be changing for the better. The addition of the car manufacturer’s logo to the key, seems to represent sentimental value to a great many drivers. Since the advent of multifunctional (remote control, folding fobs and keyless entry systems) and the enormous popularity of nicknames, the design department at the manufacturers has placed more focus on the entry system. Design, materials and colours change. Just as with all technology, we are seeing varying combinations of telematics allowing the driver to consult an App to gain information about a vehicle. No matter how advanced, nothing can work without power. It will always be necessary to open a vehicle.....with a conventional key.

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